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Sophisticated and responsive legal services for educational institutions and families. 

We are proud to announce our Legal+ Education division, providing legal services to educational institutions and families. At Lopp Mathias Law, we understand the complex range of issues from student rights, admission issues and disciplinary policies to employment disputes and Board governance. Our team has decades of experience in education law issues, and our clients benefit from deep experience and understanding of the School Code and Board governance issues. Our versatility and expertise will guide you to optimal individual and systemic solutions – we are Legal+.   

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Beyond Legal Services for Business.

At Lopp Mathias Law, we focus attention on both the legal and non legal aspects of your business - financial, strategic, operational, and organizational needs. We combine a fundamental understanding of the big picture with your business goals and requirements to provide proactive solutions to solve your unique challenges. Our attorneys are continually involved in innovative, sophisticated, and complex legal and business issues.  Engaging Lopp Mathias Law can bring your company to the next level and bridge C-suite, legal and operational gaps that may exist.  We are more than just a legal service provider - we bring our experience to your business – we are Legal+. 


The support you need. Experience you can trust.

Lopp Mathias Law understands the emotion, depth, and complexity that exists during the most trying times in our lives.  We bring a breadth of experience to your unique situation and find the solutions that are best for you, your family, and your goals. We go beyond typical family law firms and dive deep into the most important details that change outcomes for our clients.  Our approach to family law is built on compassion, but with a reputation for powerful litigation skills and a deep understanding of business issues, we bring a unique and robust set of experiences which impacts the outcome.  We bring that energy and tactical approach to your case – we are Legal+. 

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Your Growth Partner.

Lopp Mathias Law is a leader in #legaltech and innovative legal department processes.  We bring our innovative approach to the legal industry and assist law departments and law firms with streamlining processes and developing innovative business ideas to increase productivity.  Our eDiscovery experience is sought after and demonstrated through Megan's service on renowned Seventh Circuit Council on eDiscovery and Digital Information (formerly the 7th Circuit eDiscovery Pilot Program).  Through our unique network of resources, eDiscovery and #legaltech experience, we can also help law departments and law firms expand and retract as necessary to accomplish their most efficient goals for the clients.  We are not just innovative legal consulting – we are Legal+. 


We Believe In Making A Difference.

Inspired by BlackRock founder, Larry Fink's Letter to CEOs on corporate responsibility and fiduciary duties, we collaborated with Social Impact Chicago to provide guidance on a developing concept - companies are not only driven by profits, but a fundamental reshaping of values.  Integrating ESG (environmental, social and governance principles) impacts strategy, growth and investments.  We believe in making a difference and having a positive social impact in our community and the world. We have developed a network of service providers that are focused on corporate social responsibility.  We put our network to use for you to help put power behind your passion.  If you want to make an impact, we want to help.


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Thank you for visiting the Lopp Mathias Law site. We intend to provide general information, which should not be construed as legal advice. If you are looking for advice on a specific matter, you are encouraged to contact us directly. We strongly advise you to not disclose personal or confidential information until an attorney-client relationship has been established.  No attorney-client relationship shall be formed unless and until a fully executed engagement letter has been executed.  Do not send confidential information through this portal.

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Megan Mathias is a fierce advocate and legal counsel for entrepreneurs, middle market businesses and legal departments for large companies.  She values #Grit and #Innovation and is adept at utilizing technology and her insight to create a streamlined process for the provision of outside general counsel legal services to middle market businesses and legal departments.  Megan founded Lopp Mathias Law on principles of grit, strength and utilization of technology to create efficiencies and provide return on investment feedback to corporate clients.  She has extensive experience in sophisticated commercial transactions and litigation, including prevailing on a $50 million case in commercial litigation and a $20 million family law case.  Megan has clients across the country and has handled international arbitration proceedings.  Megan advocates for the rights of her clients with the understanding that the legal system is not designed to reach a fair result unless one has a formidable advocate.  

Megan believes in being a perpetual student and focuses her efforts to create Legal+ design concepts and apply them to legal services and companies around the world.


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