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The support you need. Experience you can trust. 


Lopp Mathias Law provides empathy, integrity, and tenacity to protect your family in domestic relations cases - a core set of values that is unmatched in the market.  We recognize the women breadwinners are at a significant disadvantage given the application of laws against them in our legal system.  Our sophisticated business and business litigation experience gives our clients an edge in litigation and visibility into business concepts that can be the difference in high value asset divorce.  We see through the bluster of typical family law firms and focus the cases on the core issues to obtain a result that includes our client's intended goal. 


We listen to our clients and work hard to make sure the Court hears you too – that is Legal+. 

Family Law and Domestic Relations

Divorce and Separation

  • Annulment 

  • Child custody 

  • Parenting plans 

  • Visitation 

  • Mediation 

  • Modification of prior Court Orders due to changes in circumstances 

  • Termination of parental rights 

  • Pre-nuptial or pre-marital agreements 

  • Grandparent visitation 

  • Support for disabled adult children


Personal and Related Support

  • Paternity and child-related disputes between unmarried persons  

  • LGBTQI+ Family Law 

  • Contempt Cases or cases to enforce prior court orders 

  • High net worth individuals 

  • International Cases 

  • Complex property valuations 

  • Personal and business asset divisions 

  • Restraining Orders 



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