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Founder and Managing Partner

Megan Mathias is a fierce advocate and compassionate defender of the rights of entrepreneurs, women, children, and BIPOC. After 14 years lawyering for mid to large size law firms, becoming a Partner, and winning over $70 million in commercial and family law cases, Megan knew it was time for a change. Increasingly frustrated with the inefficiencies she saw in large law firms, and not happy with their prioritization of billable hours over-delivering value and results for her clients, Megan knew she could do much better.


She decided to create her own firm, Lopp Mathias Law, driven by her values, her standards, and her integrity. To that end, Megan created an innovative and fast-growing firm of like-minded attorneys. She incorporated state of the art technology for document automation and assembly, better billing practices and alternative fee arrangements to reduce legal fees for her clients. Driven by efficiency and effectiveness, Megan also designed her firm to provide a wide array of specialized legal services through her unique Affiliate Network without the typical law firm overhead and passes those cost savings onto her clients. She is committed to being a loyal and long-term partner for her clients, as she guides them through challenging legal periods in their lives with skill and compassion.


Megan has been recognized for her sophisticated representation in trade secret and other cases involving complex e-discovery issues and forensic analysis of electronically stored information. Megan co-chairs the Seventh Circuit Council on Data Privacy and Digital Information.


Megan is dedicated to her community. She has served on the Boards or been an active member of the following organizations: American Bar Association, Coalition of Women’s Initiatives in Law, Executive Board of Women in Management,  FLASH (Force of Lawyers Against Sexual Harassment), the YWCA of Metropolitan Chicago, LifeSpan, The Ross K. MacNeil Foundation and the Filament Theater.

Fun Fact: Megan was a consultant for the CBS TV series, The Red Line. She assisted the writers with the legal aspects of the story-line and trained the actor playing the lead attorney. 

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Video presented at Megan's Achievement Award 2011

Megan's Rave Reviews

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