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2020 in Review at Lopp Mathias Law

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

A Year of Innovation and Nimbleness

By: Megan Lopp Mathias, Founding Partner and Nikki Gensmer, Marketing Manager


At Lopp Mathias Law, we are finishing the year out strong and taking a moment to celebrate our accomplishments, despite unprecedented challenges and changes brought on by the pandemic.

Lopp Mathias Law was founded on principles of innovation and nimbleness, so while the impact on the legal industry was still a challenge, we were quick and agile to adapt. The legal industry generally has been slow and reluctant to change, even before the pandemic. That resistance to change and innovation is one of the reasons Lopp Mathias Law was established. Because of COVID-19, courtroom trials were replaced with virtual trials, stay-at-home orders closed courthouses, and we met with our clients virtually for most of the year. We rolled with the punches and implemented virtual systems – read our recent article on virtual mediation.

The shock was less deleterious to the clients of Lopp Mathias Law as it could have been because entrepreneurial spirit is marbled throughout our practice; we understand how to pivot and we utilize cutting edge technology. We are proud of our clients and of our accomplishments in 2020. We look forward to serving you with Purpose, Principle, and Power in 2021. We promise the same drive and determination that our clients have come to know and expect.

Accessibility, promptness, relationship-building, nimbleness, passion, realness, honesty and trust are all core values and principles Lopp Mathias Law was founded upon. We pledge our commitment to them in the coming year. With that, we take a moment to celebrate our accomplishments.

2020 in Review at Lopp Mathias Law:

  • In excess of $40 million in marital assets secured (or claims defeated) in favor of our clients in domestic relations cases in the past two years

  • In excess of $20 million in deals closed or facilitated

  • Because of our innovative legal tech processes and procedures, we increased efficiency and productivity within LML by 10% (which translates to lower hourly rates than our competition)

  • Assisted in excess of 25 corporate clients with innovative business ideas and processes (including the huge pivot for COVID policies and procedures)

  • LML was honored with an award from The American Legal Technology Awards

  • Megan Lopp Mathias was recognized by and participated in interviews with NBC Chicago News for continuing community initiatives. See those interviews, here.

  • LML launched a new program - The Gratitude Series- in which Megan Lopp Mathias celebrates intentional acts of gratitude with special industry guests. Episode 1 is now available!

Watch it, here:

In 2021, we look forward to continuing to offer our clients services that are beyond what you experience with other law firms; we call it Legal+ (“Legal Plus”):


Beyond Legal Services for Business. We step in and fill operational and leadership gaps so clients can build infrastructure and grow. We offer legal services plus operational support where needed. General counsel + COO.


The Support You Need. Experience You Can Trust. We endeavor to advocate for you and protect your family. We are in the fight with you - legal plus compassion.


Your Growth Partner for Legal Departments and Law Firms. In-house departments and law firms have been challenged by the evolving legal industry. Our #legaltech background and innovative mindset can be the catalyst to streamline law departments and provide the flexibility needed to meet goals within budget.

Contact us for Legal+ that is above and beyond.

We are celebrating 2020 victories and looking forward to 2021.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from everyone at Lopp Mathias Law.

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