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2021 in Review at Lopp Mathias Law

Another Year of More Than Just Legal Accomplishments for Our Clients...

By: Megan Lopp Mathias, Founding Partner and Nikki Gensmer, Marketing Manager


This year at Lopp Mathias Law, our focus was the same as it's truly always been- our valued clients and the results we obtain for them.

Possibly a bit different, is the specific focus we honed in on when it comes to the kinds of milestones we aim for. We found ourselves working through important questions with you such as: Are your handbooks and procedures up to date? How can we become an integral part of your team? How can small strategic steps build your empire? How can putting the right people in the right places within your organization help it run itself? How can we help you make and achieve measurable goals for next year?

These are the same questions we at Lopp Mathias Law have asked ourselves from the beginning, so it's been a pleasure to apply this experiential knowledge to our Legal+ offerings and help new and existing clients tackle the same.

In a year still so domineered by pandemic challenges, we've metaphorically held our clients' hands through the difficult decision making we sometimes have to face in such a tough (yet manageable) situation- building more agile teams, implementing innovative business ideas and processes including the huge pivot for COVID policies and procedures, or sometimes the challenge of down-scaling. This year gave us another opportunity to dig around in the dirt with you; to become a trusted “more than just legal” business partner.

We are small, but mighty. We made it through. And we were here to make sure that you did, too.

Our last year’s promise was to maintain the drive and determination that our clients have come to know and expect. Here’s how we’ve delivered...

2021 in Review at Lopp Mathias Law:

In 2022, we look forward to continuing to dig around in the dirt with you and providing services that are beyond what you experience with other firms:

  • With LEGAL+ ACCELERATE we offer legal services plus operational support where needed. Like a General Counsel + COO.

  • With LEGAL+ FAMILY we endeavor to advocate for you and protect your family. We are in the fight with you - legal plus compassion.

  • With LEGAL+ LAW OPS we use our #legaltech background and innovative mindset to become the catalyst for your legal departments and provide the flexibility needed to meet goals within budget.

Hear more from Megan about Legal+, here:

Contact us any time for Legal+ that is above and beyond just legal counsel for your business- no matter the size.

Happy Holidays and best wishes for the most brilliant of business ideas and accomplishments in 2022, from the team at Lopp Mathias Law!

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