2018 Woman of the Year Award from #WeWill!

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I was so honored to accept the 2018 Woman of the Year Award from #WeWillWomen, a fantastic bi-partisan organization of 7,000+ members which supports the empowerment of women.  WeWill gives the award annually to an inspirational community leader that embodies the core value of women’s empowerment and has exhibited dedication in her commitment and advocacy for women. I accepted the award before 160 attendees on my behalf, but also on behalf of my #tribe in which I include my friends, family, colleagues, clients and other nominees for the award.  

I wholeheartedly believe that we all need a village and tribe to help us succeed.  I thank my wonderful mentors of which I am privileged to include Christie Hefner, Kathleen Henson, Jill Salzman, Kim MacNeill, Emily Kinsman, Judge Eulalia De La Rosa, Andie Kramer, Kristen Prinz, and my mom and my brother.  I really could not have done this without them. 

As I accepted the award, I realized that my table was one of the most diverse in the room. There were men and women, a 20 year old and a 50+ year old and everything in between, a Muslim, a christian, an atheist, African Americans, east asians, caucasians, democrats and republicans at my table.  I am proud to have a diverse group of friends and supporters and draw on that energy every single day.

I believe in my #tribe. I work very hard at finding great humans to surround myself with and to work on issues that have impact on people. I am proud of this award as it acknowledges the work that is so close to my heart. I am also proud to accept it on behalf of my #tribe and everyone who helped me get here.  #grateful

Megan Mathias, 2018 Woman of the Year Award

#wewillwomen #tribe #grateful

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