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Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Attorney-Client Relationships?

10 Simple Tips to Make Sure That You Are

Are you getting the most out of your attorney-client relationships? Attorney and client shake hands over a desk and gavel, portraying a sound and positive working attorney-client relationship
By: Nikki Gensmer, Marketing Manager


At Lopp Mathias Law, we've been talking to fellow attorneys about some of the fundamentals that are surprisingly overlooked more often than they should be when it comes to you and your cases. We've asked around, talked to our colleagues, and procured our own list. Here are 10 simple tips to make sure that you are getting the most out of your attorney-client relationships.

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Tip #1- Engage your clients with language that's simple and easy to understand

Tip # 1 | Engage clients with language that's simple & easy to understand.

Strong communication skills, founded on a basic understanding of human psychology, are essential to a successful and lasting attorney-client relationship. Be a good listener. Speak clearly and in simple terms. Understand what power dynamics might be at play in any room. Do not hesitate to utilize the support of an interpreter when necessary.

If you are not taking the time to effectively communicate with your clients, you're missing the whole point...

Tip #2- Don't dismiss the ideas of colleagues without considering them

Tip # 2 | Don't dismiss the ideas of colleagues without considering them.

It's no secret that things move swiftly in the law world, but that just means we have to be even more intentional about considering the ideas of our colleagues. It's also no secret that the law world can be a bit cut throat...

Aim to be the attorney who better listens to your colleagues and clients. It will pay off in the long run!

Tip #3- Think outside of the box (and always inside of the law).

Tip # 3 | Think outside of the box (and always inside of the law).

It's been said that outside-of-the-box thinkers make the best lawyers. But why? We believe it's in actions such as approaching the case from unique angles, using innovative legal technology and thinking, and being future-focused instead of only digging in the past.

These approaches backed by our holistic and thorough understanding of the law are what makes Lopp Mathias Law likely the right choice for your case.

Tip #4- Communicate well.

Tip # 4 | Communicate well.

What does it mean to communicate well? Experts say that listening, having an open mind, the right level of confidence, and giving good feedback all contribute to quality workplace communication.

We’re here to listen at Lopp Mathias Law, and fundamentals of good communication like “accessibility”, “promptness”, and “passion” are written right into our core values and employee handbooks!

Tired of having to hunt down your lawyer or call them five times before hearing from them? We approach each and every case like a two way street.

Tip #5- Don't over promise. Don't under deliver.

Tip # 5 | Don’t over promise. Don’t under deliver.

Over promising is a common sales tactic to get customers through the door. But what sustains quality clients? Honesty, reliability, and transparency.

It is our job as lawyers to be straight forward with what is possible, and even more importantly- what is not- as well as carry out our duties to the best of our abilities.

At Lopp Mathias Law, we set clear expectations, make you aware of any disclaimers, and are realistic with ourselves and our clients.

Tip #6- Pay attention to detail.

Tip # 6 | Pay attention to detail.

“Detail-oriented” is one of the main attributes listed on any lawyer’s list of skills.

Paying attention to detail is a crucial part of providing any quality service. But in the legal industry, it is imperative. From paying attention to what our clients share with us to generating thorough legal documents, the proof- and many times what wins a case- is in the detail.

Detail is in our DNA at Lopp Mathias Law.

Tip #7- Set realistic expectations.

Tip # 7 | Set realistic expectations.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a lawyer is not setting realistic expectations with your client. One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a client is not setting realistic expectations with your lawyer.

We make it our responsibility to communicate exactly what is and isn’t realistic pertaining to your case at Lopp Mathias Law. One of the easiest and most effective ways to set realistic expectations with one another is to make a list of goals.

Tip #8- Collect feedback.

Tip # 8 | Collect feedback.

Reviews and word of mouth referrals are the number one and number two ways that people find lawyers. Reviews reflect whether or not an attorney or firm is capable of providing the adequate representation you deserve.

One way we can make reviews less intimidating for our clients is by getting to the core of what we really want when we ask for them- your honest opinion and feedback.

Reviews set quality representation apart.

p.s. We’d love to hear from you. Leave us your review here:

Tip #9- Your client is a human, not a paycheck.

Tip # 9 | Your client is a human, not a paycheck.

Do you ever feel like your lawyer is hustling you instead of hustling FOR you? We hear this from on-boarding clients about their past experiences all the time...

At Lopp Mathias Law, you are a human, not a paycheck. We take the time to really get to know you and your case. We practice core values of accessibility and promptness.

Relationships are the currency of our business.

Tip #10- Take care of yourself.

Tip # 10 | Take care of yourself.

Properly taking care of our clients means properly taking care of ourselves. What are the two primary stress traits we see in this profession? Perfectionism and pessimism- it’s our job to find the flaws and argue them. The most resilient lawyer is one who does these things well, while also managing the stress that comes with them.

How do you practice self-care? Megan boxes. Rob works out. Nikki does yoga. Let’s see your answers in the comments below!

Ready to be taken care of by attorneys who take care of themselves? It will equate to better communication, a higher level of care, sharp attention to detail, and the energy your case needs.

Why Are These Tips Important?

Lack of a solid attorney-client relationship can significantly hurt your case outcome and manifest in many negative ways. Quite possibly the most detrimental result being that if you don't feel comfortable with your lawyer or actively trust them, they cannot accurately represent you where it matters most- in the court room. It is our job as attorneys to set realistic expectations, communicate often and well, be accessible, answer questions our clients have, understand your case, and accurately represent you.

That is the bare minimum.

While a majority of people hope that they will never need a lawyer, the fact of the matter is that most people will need to contact one for some reason or another in their lifetime. When you do, make sure it's one that you can count on.

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Ready for representation that gives you the most out of your attorney-client relationship and practices these tips on the daily? We're ready.

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