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Megan is an eDiscovery Leader

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

What It Was Like Pioneering a Prominent eDiscovery Team

Megan recently had the opportunity to speak with George Socha of ACEDS about legal services that are way more than just litigation support and also what it was like pioneering a prominent eDiscovery team.


Megan Lopp Mathias founded Lopp Mathias Law so that she could do things her own way.

In recent times that's meant moving rapidly, pivoting overnight, and most importantly, responding to her clients' ever-changing needs without worrying about having to ask for permission.

In the earlier years of her career and while working for other firms, Megan quickly came to recognize that a lot of what it means to fully support your clients doesn't mean just litigation. She swore she'd strive to do things differently after founding her own firm and that's exactly what she's done with Lopp Mathias Law. Even legal departments don't only need legal support; sometimes they need business development coaching, process and procedure consultation, technology training, contract review, and much more.

In pandemic times, the list of needs has become non-exhaustive.

Megan's understanding for the bigger picture is why she and the Lopp Mathias Law team are often engaged by other legal departments and law firms to with regards to the whole process- something we call Legal+ here at Lopp Mathias Law because it's way more than just legal, it's Legal Plus. We are the outside counsel that operates like in house counsel, and when it comes to helping law departments specifically, we call it LEGAL+ LAW OPS.

For some companies, it's a quick engagement. For others, it means that we act as an interim GC or COO to completely take over and run things until a solid infrastructure has been built or a new GC or COO has been brought in. Lopp Mathias Law has worked with 5 to 500 million dollar businesses to take the load off until they can stand on their own.

Sometimes it means helping clients with their internal eDiscovery needs.

"Even some of the most sophisticated clients don't have a good handle on eDiscovery." -Megan Lopp Mathias

This is something Megan realizing while serving as Co-Chair of the Steering Committee for the nationally recognized Seventh Circuit Council on eDiscovery and Electronic Data (formerly the 7th Circuit eDiscovery Pilot Program). The Committee is credited for setting the procedures and rules for eDiscovery which have been adopted in most federal courts around the country.

It's hard to stay abreast all of the developments of eDiscovery, but that's where Megan and her team comes in. What's your document retention process? What's your legal hold situation? Paying attention to similar questions and the processes they entail can save you some hundreds of thousands of dollars in the long run.

Watch the full length interview in which Megan Lopp Mathias, Founding Partner of Lopp Mathias Law, joins George Socha, Senior Vice President of Brand Awareness at Reveal-Brainspace, for ACEDS #eDiscoveryLeadersLive​ sponsored by Reveal. #ediscovery

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