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Megan Lopp Mathias Drives Learning Pod Conception and Initiative in Her Community

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Family, Community, Equity, Education, and Innovative Technology


Lopp Mathias Law values the principles of family and community, equity, education, and innovative technology. That's why CEO and mother of three, Megan, is on a mission that encompasses all of these values.

Megan Lopp Mathias has been working on building learning pods in her community and was recently interviewed by NBC Chicago twice about her work in this area.

Megan used social media to start a discussion in her community about the need for "learning pods"- small, socially-distanced groups of students who meet in a designated safe space to work closely with a group teacher/tutor- so that children aren't falling behind or entirely missing out on the social skill-building or the interaction of a usual classroom. And, as is a goal of her woman-owned woman-run law firm (Lopp Mathias Law) that prides itself on all-inclusivity and grit, Megan's making sure no one will be left behind or excluded...

"I don't want to further that divide and say here's one more time we're going to push kids without resources." -Megan Lopp Mathias

The idea is that families who have the resources to host or take on more of the cost of the tutor will do so, allowing everyone to participate.

Megan Lopp Mathias hopes that this model of learning pods can be adapted in other communities and maybe even industries!

You can view Megan's full-length live interview via the video at the beginning of this article. You can also view Megan's in-office interview with NBC Chicago's Lexi Sutter, here.


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