STEM Progress at CPS

I work very hard at developing my community and instilling that work ethic in my children.  Today was a proud moment.  As an elected Local School Council member, I was invited to the press conference at Belding Elementary with the Mayor and CEO of Chicago Public Schools today.  My son attended and was able to speak with Rahm about his issue - gun violence in schools.  Rahm was responsive and listened to a 13 year old who had the confidence to introduce himself, stand next to him as Rahm delivered his comments to the press and then to raise the gun violence issue directly.  I'm proud of my son and proud to be part of the STEM/IB progress being made at Chicago Public Schools.  Baby steps but still progress.  I hope we can find a way to light a fire in Chicago and create a tech hub with a talent pool to match.

Megan Mathias and Mayor Rahm Emmanual at Belding Elementary

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