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The majority of our clients use us for both their business and their personal life. How can we help you?

Sophisticated and responsive legal services for educational institutions and families. 

We are proud to announce our Legal+ Education division, providing legal services to educational institutions and families. At Lopp Mathias Law, we understand the complex range of issues from student rights, admission issues and disciplinary policies to employment disputes and Board governance. Our team has decades of experience in education law issues, and our clients benefit from deep experience and understanding of the School Code and Board governance issues.


Our versatility and expertise will guide you to optimal individual and systemic solutions – we are Legal+.   

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Beyond Legal Services for Business

At Lopp MathiasLaw, we focus attention on both the legal and non-legal aspects of your business - financial, strategic, operational, and organizational. We combine a fundamental understanding of the big picture with your business goals and requirements to provide proactive solutions to solve your business' unique challenges. Our attorneys are continually involved in innovative, sophisticated, and complex legal and business issues. 


We bring that experience to your business – that is Legal+. 

The Support You Need. Experience You Can Trust. 

Lopp Mathias Law understands the emotion, depth, and complexity that exists during the most trying times in our lives.  We bring a breadth of experience to your unique situation and find the solutions that are best for you, your family, and your goals.  We go beyond typical family law firms and dive deep into the most important details that change outcomes for our clients.  Our approach to family law is built on compassion and a robust set of experiences that is unique to our firm. 


We bring that approach to your case – that is Legal+. 

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Your Growth Partner 


For law firms, Lopp Mathias Law brings the experience and dependability of a partner with the flexibility of outside counsel. For legal departments, Lopp Mathias Law offers tailored and innovative support solutions that increase your in-house legal teams productivity and efficiency.  We bring strategic depth to both law departments and law firms by using best-in-class technology solutions to seamlessly improve your firm's workflow and customer satisfaction. 

We are your direct partner in growth- that is Legal+. 

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