We love our clients.

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"I've had many different lawyers over the years. Megan is different. She was transformative in both my family case and my business case. Not only did she get me the results I wanted, she was a caring friend who supported me every step of the way. I trust her completely and can't imagine doing any business without her."


- Kerry Knee, Mother & Entrepreneur

"When working with Megan the thing I love most is she spent a fair amount of time "offline" with me in discussing each case I had. We both know everyone's time is valuable, but I never received an unexpected bill for 15 minutes here and there. She makes her clients a priority and focuses on H2H, human to human and charges you for the time spent working on the case. To me that is priceless and very hard to come by in any industry. I will continue to work with her in all of my endeavors as I grow. Thank you Megan!!" 

- Leigh Loftus, Photographer & Entrepreneur

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"Megan is my first call for any legal matter."  

- Fawzia Mirza, Writer & Filmmaker

“I was referred to Megan from a friend of a friend during a very tough time in my life which involved a divorce and protecting my small business.    I was with a previous lawyer who did what they could, however, the results were not to my satisfaction and I felt additional expertise was needed to resolve the matters at hand.   Megan not only delivered the results to my liking, she ended things peacefully between all parties in such we could all move on in our lives.  Time was taken to focus on what we needed to get through and chip away at the true problems due to the nature of the case.  Megan is brilliant and well respected.  If you are seeking someone who genuinely cares to obtain results, Megan is the one. I highly recommend her.” 


- Patrick Murninghan, Father & Entrepreneur

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