Lopp Mathias Law represents clients in the greater Chicagoland area, as well as companies with a presence around the country.  As an innovative law firm, we leverage a business model and technology to exponentially increase productivity and, as a result, clients get service unmatched by other small firms.  We have a Bench of lawyers to serve your needs but our model is such that we do not have excess overhead.  We are able to offer sophisticated legal service at a better price point because we manage the firm in a modern and efficient manner. 


Clients are our priority and we strive to meet the needs of every client, unlike larger firms, that by their very nature, must leave the smaller fish (i.e., small and midsize companies) feeling less of a priority.  We pride ourselves on a deep tradition of excellence with high standards of quality. Dependable, calm, and well-spoken, our legal professionals add the personal touch our clients deserve while approaching each new case with the attention it needs.

By working with Lopp Mathias Law, you get more than professional legal representation. At Lopp Mathias Law, we have lawyers who are focused on your vision, opportunities, issues, and challenges and you feel like you have an in-house relationship or a partner in the fight with you. We practice law the way it should be practiced.


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Founding Partner

Megan is a fierce advocate and defender of rights of entrepreneurs, women and BIPOC.  She has won $50 million in commercial litigation matters and over $20 million in family law cases.  Megan advocates for the rights of her clients with the understanding that the legal system is not designed to reach a fair result unless one has a formidable advocate.


Lopp Mathias Law has a unique network of attorneys which provides the client with the benefits of a small firm (nimble and responsive) with the bandwidth of a larger firm.  The Affiliate Network includes attorneys in specialty practice areas that include commercial litigation, trademark strategy and registration, estate planning, real estate, and corporate transactions. 





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